Taylor Rogers

Living in Texas my entire life, I was influenced greatly by my high school teachers and knew that I one day wanted to influence young ladies and gentleman as well. I didn’t know immediately that I wanted to influence young lives through teaching, but slowly decided on that career route as I finished by bachelor’s degree in 2012.

I taught at the high school level for three years in two different high schools in Central Texas area, before taking a year off to stay at home with my new-born son. During that time, I worked on and completed my Master’s Degree. I began searching for opportunities to enter the classroom again and was blessed to be able to join the Proximity team! Since I have been with Proximity less than a year, I am excited to see what the future holds!

Graduated From: B.A. English: Texas A&M University Commerce M.Ed. Teaching & Learning: Liberty University

Certified In: 7-12 Grade English

Teaching: I have taught all different grade levels in high school, but this year I am teaching 6th grade English.

Fun Fact: A fun fact about me is that math was actually my best subject in school, but I decided to focus on English because I loved to read.

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